Welcome to the Port Elizabeth Oratory

St Bernadette's Catholic Church

The Oratory of St Philip Neri is a community of Catholic priests and brothers in Port Elizabeth, serving the parish of St Bernadette's Church, St Philip Neri Collegium and St Anne's Pre-Primary School. We are situated in 8th Avenue, Walmer.

mass times

Regular Mass Schedule 

Sunday: 6pm (Saturday vigil; Gregorian chant); 7am (said); 8.30am (solemn); 10am (Extraordinary Form Latin with chant); 6pm (folk / youth music groups)
Weekdays: Monday - Friday 8.30am and 5.30pm; Saturday 8.30am
Holydays of obligation (see newsletter / Facebook)
Confessions: 20 minutes before all Sunday Masses; Saturday 5-6pm
Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament: Friday 4.30pm - 5.25 pm; Saturday 5pm
Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament: Saturday 5.40pm and Sunday 5.30pm
Divine Mercy Devotions: Monday after the 8.30am Mass
Rosary: Tuesday - Saturday after the 8.30am Mass
Solemn Vespers: Sunday 5pm


Lenten Oratory

On Thursday evenings in Lent this year we are holding a Lenten Oratory in the Church. This is a wonderful opportunity to spend time together with Our Lord each week of Lent and to grow closer to him. Programme: Confessions, 17:00-17:25; Blessing with relic of St Philip, 17:15. Oratory, 17:30-18:15, a talk in church on a Lenten theme (by one of the Oratorians) followed by a period of silent prayer and then some Oratorian prayers and chants (finishing by 18:15). As a result of the Lenten Oratory there will be no evening Mass on the Thursdays of Lent; instead, during Lent, there will be an early morning Mass on Thursdays at 06:30.

Stations of the Cross

Fridays of Lent at 5pm. (This replaces Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament).


Easter Mass Schedule


18:30                 Confessions
19:00                 Mass of the Last Supper (Choir)
Until 23:45         Compline (night prayer - use Fordyce Road entrance)
09:00 - 11:30     Confessions
10:30                 Stations of the Cross

14:30 - 14:55     Confessions
15:00                 Celebration of the Passion of the Lord
09:00 - 10:30     Confessions
18:30 - 18:55     Confessions
19:00                 Easter Vigil (Approx 2 hrs)
06:40 - 06:55    Confessions
07:00                Holy Mass 
08:10 - 08:25    Confessions
08:30                Holy Mass 
09:40 - 09:45   Confessions
10:00                Holy Mass (Extraordinary Form)

17:00                Solemn Vespers & Benediction

                         No Evening Mass


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